Is the London Underground haunted?

As freaky as that heading may sound to outsiders, it is not really scary at all! Unless of course you have watched some of the scary videos of ghosts on the London Underground before ever stepping into one! For those who haven’t seen the ‘Haunted London Underground’ Series, you might want to watch these:

Of course, having travelled in the tube for more than 8 months, I can (i think safely) say there are no ghosts down there – and even if there are, they don’t bother you!

Since many of you would be coming to London for the first time, I suggest you get used to seeing such freaky videos often! I personally use the Northern Line which seems to be the most haunted of them all!

Confusing London Underground

Chance are, once you leave the airport, you’re going to have to take a tube to get to wherever it is that you’ve planned to park yourself for your stay.

Welcome to the London Underground!

The Underground map can look VERY confusing to first-timers! It looks more like a board with modern art sketched out on it! I’ve been travelling for 8+ months by tube, and I still get confused and have to check the map for any and every new place I’m heading to.

Coming back to the airport, the fact that you’re new to London, and you’re heading to the tube – make sure you FINISH your phone calls before boarding the tube! You will have no signal on the tube. Sure, if you read the sign inside it says that the tube runs overground and customers can use this time to make calls etc. But that ‘time’ is so short that you can’t make all your calls!

The London Underground or Tube as we call it here, is the best and fastest means of transport. From Heathrow, you will be taking the Piccadilly Line (blue line). Make sure you know exactly where to change. When you get into the tube, there may be 2-3 stations where you can change lines, but remember, what may seem like a short distance on this tube, is actually a much longer distance on some other line (and vice-versa).

It’s best to pick up a small tube map – and remember to always carry it with you!

Here’s a tube map, just in case you feel like checking where you want to get to before you come to London (I used to love trying to figure out my route from home to school using the map).

Tube Map - London

You should remember that the first time you travel by the underground, it might be really nice, but trust me, London is much more fun on foot!! But if you have to travel by tube, you should get used to checking the times and service updates on the TFL website.

More about London and the London Underground later, till then, just be happy nobody shoves newspapers into your face early morning!