London – Rainy and Cloudy

Whenever I look out of the window, its cloudy and most of the times, its raining! Ever since I’ve come to London, I have started missing the sun so much, that whenever the sun comes, I run out and make sure I soak up as much of it as possible. Having most of my friends from various countries around the world, and practically no ‘real British’, we tend to be cribbing about the weather more than half the times! For most of us, the sun was just taken for granted in our home countries – India, Spain, Greece, Brazil, Venezuela, USA, etc.

Although we have been hearing that ‘British Summer‘ is right round the corner, I personally feel that it lost its way! Now, even those who earlier kept saying, ‘this isn’t summer, summer is still to come’ have given up!

If you’re coming to London for the first time, you might want to mentally prepare yourself to say bye to the sun for days on end! Of course, I know it’s not easy! When I was packing my bags to come here, I never thought I would be able to say ‘I hate the cloudy rainy cold weather’… but now, that seems to be all I am able to say!

It may sound like a typical British thing – ranting about the weather, but the fact is, once you come here, that becomes important. Just this morning while talking to a friend I realised, you can never plan anything well in advance, because you don’t know what the weather would be like! If it’s sunny it would be amazing to go the river or for a picnic or somewhere out. But the same scenario completely changes with those grey clouds thundering down! All of it can happen with seconds! There have been so many times when I have got into the tube thinking “oh nice, I will enjoy the day… it’s nice a sunny” and when I come out at the other end (20 minutes later)… it’s pouring cats and dogs!

Whatever be the weather – for me, London will always be wet and cold – although I love London far more in the sun!