Euro Cup Fever

I must say, I’m generally not a football fan! I got into the habit of following football games simply because my father is mad about football! And when I say mad about it, I mean mad about it! I remember a few years ago, after some team won the cup, he did a cartwheel on his bed! And he was in his 40s, not in the best of health and that bed was half broken! He can stay up all night just to watch the Euro cup! I’ve never got the big deal of a football game – its just another game right? 


(Image Courtesy UEFA

Right now, London is gripped by the UEFA fever! Since day 1, I have again been trying to follow the games, and trying to keep up with the football craze… Quite frankly though, I haven’t had much time to think about watching an entire match or heading to a pub to catch a game with friends with the amount of work we have in school. But today when I signed into twitter, I realised that although I have not being seeing much of it, the football fever is setting in. #England is the most trending topic today along with ‘England vs France’ soon after. Why? because those are the teams playing today. and obviously for London, that’s a big deal! 

Forget UK, Euro 2012 is one of the ‘trending topics’ with some of my friends back home. For instance one of them, decided to show her support using nail paint! A really cool idea. But I still don’t get the craze about football. I guess it’s just not my cup of tea. 

Regardless of whether or not I understand the craze or the fanatics around it, I enjoy the celebrations! The best thing about being in my place – you can celebrate no matter which team wins! Of course, I’ve been warned – dare not support France tonight or even thinking of celebrating if England loses, unless you want to get beaten.