A Londoners View

Although I have been talking about my take on London so far, I haven’t forgotten that I am not the only person who’s come to London from abroad! I live with a family that moved here 12 years ago. So I decided to find out whether my thoughts, matched theirs. A few questions, some nice English tea, is all it took me to realise that we’re all in the same boat.

When they first came to the UK, they didn’t know anything around here. Not even the fact that 10 years down the lane they would be calling this ‘home’ rather than India. When Mr Banerjee first moved to London in 1999, he thought he would be here for sometime and then return to his family and life back in India. But over the years, he has grown to love this country more and more.

Living with him, I sometimes forget that he once lived in India too! He has learned (and loves) the British way of life. Although the weather does get to him at times, he has learned to cope and move forth. Life cannot stop because of the weather – a typical British attitude towards those dark clouds!

I guess with time, we do start loving the city and accepting it in the sun and rain.. But as yet for me, the sun will always be a first choice – as is with many Britishers including Mr. Banerjee.